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Rabies: What you need to know before your hunting trip

As hunters, when we live out our passion far away from our safe environment back in Europe, it is a good idea to take into account the risks that comes with hunting. One of these risks is rabies. Two hunters I know recently had to face this risk head-on after a hunting trip in the…

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Trichinella and how to avoid eating infected meat

Travelling hunters know that when you travel around the world you will be offered a variety of game dishes, prepared in many different ways – some in healthy ways and others almost harmful to your health. On one of my hunting trips in Kyrgyzstan we were offered shashlik after our hunt. Shashlik is a type…

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Vaccinations prior to a hunting trip

Few locations in the world are as safe as Western Europe. On the other hand, if you are travelling to other parts of the world for hunting, many places require some sort of vaccine against the area’s  “menu” of infectious diseases and other infections. Even though you have been vaccinated or take malaria pills, you…

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Hunting trips and malaria – what you need to know

In some cases, trophy hunters can be at high risk of contracting malaria. Hunters who focus on the tropical and subtropical countries in Central Africa are particularly likely to encounter the malaria mosquito at some point during their hunt. And make no mistake about it! The tiny mosquito can easily outcompete any other risk factors…

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Tips for avoiding jetlag on a hunting trip

One of the advantages of going on a hunting trip to a country or destination nearby is that your internal clock stays the same – unlike when you travel across time zones further east or west. On hunting trips far away, many hunters may find that during their first few days there they are a…

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Prevent altitude sickness before it destroys your hunting trip

Mountain hunting, done the right way, is probably one of the most extreme forms of trophy hunting. Unstable weather conditions with “four seasons in one morning,” the risk of terrible falls and rolling rocks are some of the factors that spice up the hunt and make it both tough and extreme, but also interesting. Another…

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