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Rainsford Hunting has the following terms and conditions, which, by signing up to www.rainsfordhunting.com, I have accepted and acknowledge that I have read.

Terms and conditions for members of Rainsford Hunting

The following apply:


  • Rainsford is not liable for transactions concluded between members and outfitters. Any claims must be referred directly to the outfitter.
  • Rainsford is not a hunting travel agency and consequently bears no responsibility in terms of the purchase and sale of trips, or in terms of disagreements relating to agreements entered into by members and outfitters on the site.
  • Rainsford is not responsible for the accuracy of articles etc. about visa regulations, prices, availability, hunting seasons, offers or other information, which members may find on the portal/website.
  • Rainsford is not responsible for any incorrect, inaccurate or misleading information, regardless of the consequences that they may cause.
  • The price for a certain offer, shown on Rainsford Hunting, is the price that the outfitter has provided, yet Rainsford Hunting’s currency exchange feature allows the user of the website to see the prices in other currencies than the originally provided and accepted currency. This automatic system converts the price originally provided to Rainsford Hunting, into the chosen currency which will follow the daily exchange rates automatically. Therefore, the price provided by the outfitter at a given currency, will never change and is not dynamic. Only the converted prices, say the prices in other currencies than the, by the outfitter accepted and originally provided, will change daily according to the automatic systems’ conversion of the daily exchange rate from the original price and currency to the selected currency.
  • Members should be particularly aware that the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund very probably does not cover trips purchased in line with the Rainsford Hunting concept. If they are covered, they are separately listed and Rainsford Hunting makes this unequivocally clear.
  • Rainsford Hunting is not responsible for offers mentioned in connection with other partners from various parts of the industry.
  • We make reservations for translation errors.


Rainsford Hunting would like to point out that there is copyright on all material (photos and texts etc.) uploaded on the portal/website. Members who submit material vouch for the fact that it does not conflict with third party copyright.


Winners of Rainsford Hunting’s prize draws for hunting trips and other prizes are personally responsible for declaring the prize to the tax authorities and for the fiscal consequences thereof.


As a user of www.rainsfordhunting.com, I agree to receive the Rainsford Hunting newsletters. At any time I can unsubscribe directly from the newsletter.


Version 2.1 per May 24th 2018.