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Roan & Sable hunt offer in South Africa

Prime-quality trophies
Total days*

8 days total

Total days of hunting*

6 hunting days


$ 11,700

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Since 2011
South African

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At Orange River Hunting & Safari’s we provide guests with comfortable Kalahari accommodation inside the conservation & hunting concession of...

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Every hunt at this outfitter, takes the hunter into the heart of the Kalahari. It starts out with a rifle sighting and area orientation. Which is foll...

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Every hunt at this outfitter, takes the hunter into the heart of the Kalahari. It starts out with a rifle sighting and area orientation. Which is followed by 5 to 7 days of covering land in 4 x 4. Walking and stalking is a central part of the hunting, til the hunter has the perfect shot lined up.

Hunters are encouraged to not shoot the first trophy they spot to find the right trophy for them.

The outfitter aims to provide all hunters with their own unique experience to take away from the South African Kalahari.

About the hunting area and Sable/Roan trophies

This area is home to some of the best Roan and Sable trophies in South Africa. Trophies are selected from top-quality breeding herd in the main conservation area and the trophies available on both Toevlug and Dabeb Hunting Concession are of prime quality and could measure Rowland Award. The outfitter employs hunting as a sustainable conservation practice, to ensure healthy animal populations. Hunters will be in for a real African hunting experience!

Trophy animals are sourced from the private conservation area. All game animals roam free and the entire area, allows animals to migrate from one location to another. Various animal and bird species are available for hunting and to ensure that you have the best African hunting Safari, the outfitter has ensured that there are plenty of Trophy and non-trophy animals available for every hunter.

The hunting area is extensive and stretches over 20 000 ha of semi-desert arid Kalahari landscape. The area has serious climate fluctuations, from summer to winter, which ranges from desert cold nights and days in the winters, to scotching hot summers.

The hunt takes place all year round and it is up to every hunter to decide which challenge and adventure season to take on.

This outfitter specializes in Roan & Sable hunting

This outfitters specialty trophy hunts are Roan and Sable. Hunters will walk and stalk their way to their ideal prime antelope trophies in South Africa. The outfitter also caters to hunt-specific requirements, to make every hunting trip the most memorable and exciting experience.

Special Rainsford Hunting packet and price

The prices are reduced to below Package Price by 10%. Moreover, the outfitter has included 1 extra hunting day, 2 x Sundowners and 1 x Dune Dinner.

Contact this outfitter directly

Hunters and observers should please make contact ahead of their visit to specify dietary and drinks requirements, also to confirm their schedule and specify any trip specific desires.

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Beaters and dogs
Beer, wine
Cost of rented weapon
Daily display of game
Flight tickets
Guide assistance
Hunting permit / license
Laundry service
Rented car
Skinning and salting
Soft drinks
Transport during the hunt
Transport from/to airport
Trophy handling and delivering to taxidermy

Hat and Sunscreen for weather Conditions (Year Round)
Warm Clothing - May to September (Year round for nights)
Khaki and Savanna Camouflage Clothing (Long Sleeves/Long Pants Year Round)
Cooler Clothing for Hot Months (September - March)


4x4 driving
4x4 driving