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Driven hunt for Wild Boar in Tunisia

Number of days altogether

4 days total

Number of hunting days

3 hunting days

Price from

$ 1415

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Since 1998
English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian

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The guests will be accommodated in 3-star and 4-star Hotels in full board basis the closest to the hunting grounds.

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The boar hunting in Tunisia is made in driven mode in big mountains, reeds or even in the oasis in the south of the country which are densely populate...

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The boar hunting in Tunisia is made in driven mode in big mountains, reeds or even in the oasis in the south of the country which are densely populated by wild boars. Arriving on hunting grounds we meet the villagers of the regions, beaters who have learned boar hunting from father to son and who have great knowledge of the field and places where the wild boar hides.

The Wild Boar driven hunt

The beats are usually done in areas that have already been prospected in advance. After placing the line of hunters encircling the enclosure, the beating begins. Beaters and dogs begin to force the wild boar towards the line screaming and using the bazzouka which consists of an instrument with which we shoot blank cartridges exerting a great noise to push wild boars to leave their hiding place.

The hunt consists of 3 to 4 beaten in the morning and 2 to 3 beaten in the afternoon after a good lunch on the hunting grounds.

Wild boar hunting in Tunisia

Wild boar hunting in Tunisia is distinguished by the wildness of wild game that can be found in different biotopes ranging from dense forests of cork in the northwest of the country to an arid and dry in the center until the fanciful an oasis characterized by a Saharan aspect. Land fertility and large-scale agriculture have made Tunisia a fertile breeding ground for this animal and the emergence of a dense game density throughout the country.

At the same time authentic and modern, rich of its culture, its traditions, its nature, its mild climate and its quaint landscapes, Tunisia a warm tourist destination for those who seek the escape towards the sun and nature. For this reason, this outfitter offers the opportunity to organize tailor-made trips for guests and their company to enrich their hunting trip with cultural visits to historical monuments, health tourism, and fitness or even medical tourism.

The hunting season for Wild Boar

Beginning of October until the end of January for the northern and central regions and until the end of April for the southern regions of Tunisia.


The Mediterranean climate prevails on the Tunisian territory: the temperatures are higher in the south, but the summers are everywhere hot and dry, the soft inter-seasons, and the cool and humid winters, It can snow in the regions of the northwest where the lowest temperature degrees of the whole country are recorded.

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Beaters and dogs
Beer, wine
Cost of rented weapon
Daily display of game
Flight tickets
Guide assistance
Hunting permit / license
Laundry service
Rented car
Skinning and salting
Soft drinks
Transport during the hunt
Transport from/to airport
Trophy handling and delivering to taxidermy

Hunting gun.
Ball Cartridges (50 balls per hunter).
Neon clothing for your safety (wool, hunting shoe, waterproof boots).


+50 to +70°F / +10 to +20°C
+70 to +85°F / +20 to +30°C

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4x4 driving
4x4 driving


The presentation of the passport is mandatory for each tourist hunter and accompanying

Each hunter has the right to only one hunting gun (no rifle allowed).

It is allowed to bring back only one shotgun with no more than 3 shots.

He is allowed to shoot only wild boars, jackals, foxes, mongooses, and genets. All other game is prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

The introduction of hunting ammunition by tourist hunters is allowed according to the legislation in force at the rate of 50 balls per hunter (refueling on the spot, if necessary).

The fee paid for a tourist hunting license on behalf of a tourist hunter may not be canceled, claimed, or postponed for any reason whatsoever.

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