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Bull tahr and red stag hunting

Special offer exclusive for Rainsford Hunting!
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5 days total

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5 hunting days

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$ 11074

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20 years
New Zealand
English mainly

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On most of the private properties there are warm cabins right on the hunting grounds for hunters who want the...

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This is a special offer for Rainsford Hunting members where there is a Tahr and a Red Stag included 1.100 euro discount! 5 Tahr were first introduced...

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This is a special offer for Rainsford Hunting members where there is a Tahr and a Red Stag included

1.100 euro discount!

5 Tahr were first introduced in 1904 to the Mt. Cook region in the central South Island. Known as the 'King of the Mountain’ the bull tahr possess a long winter cape like no other Alpine animals, gracing the hills and mountains of the central South Island Southern Alps.

Typically Tahr hunting

Tahr hunting is similar to that of many sheep hunts around the world in that there is a lot of glassing from a distance to first locate a mature bull and to ascertain his age and trophy potential. In the earlier months the bulls will be down low seeking reprieve from the sun as they grow out there manes.

The tahr hunts involve driving between 20-30 mins. from the lodge (cabins are available if preferred on the properties) to one of 4 extensive areas varying from 15,000 to 47,000 acres into the valleys and on mountain passes. Thats where the glassing and spotting from the truck begins. Judging bull tahr is very exciting as they can appear from simply no-where rolling there bodies like that of a grizzly bear showing his size and dominance to any challengers.

On this tahr hunt you can expect to see between 50-200 tahrs a day including 5-15 trophy bulls! Averaging at 270 lbs these are truly magnificent animals and an amazing hunt in some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see. If you truly value sheep hunting and the mountain scenery that goes hand in hand with this big game hunt, then you will love this hunt.

The rut starts late May till end of July with hunting from February to the end of November.

Impressive red stags

As for the red stag hunt, you have the choice of hunting the free range red stags or the exceptional fair chase seat red stag - all on private, long term leased land. Based out of Fairlie in the central South Island our hunting is conducted on some of New Zealand`s most iconic high country cattle and sheep ranches. The huge deers have had careful management over the last 25 years to become some of the most impressive blood lines in the world. Heavy timber and long even lower tines and main beams with great crowns - they are are sight to see.

Included in this combined tahr and red stag hunt

  • 1 Private land mature bull tahr.
  • 1 Private land free range red stag or 1 fair chase red stag up to 360 inches.

A stunning hunting area

Your lead guide is a professionally registered guide and has arguably some of the best long term leased, private land footing hunting in the world on exclusive high country stations (ranches). Right in the heart of where the first herds were liberated and today thrive in high numbers. These ranches have excellent mountain roads and high numbers of tahr which means the outfitter can cater all levels of hunters, including non-hunters who can enjoy the magnificent scenery and watch the game. A lot of hunters bring non-hunters to this amazing place.

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Beaters and dogs
Beer, wine
Cost of rented weapon
Daily display of game
Flight tickets
Guide assistance
Hunting permit / license
Laundry service
Rented car
Skinning and salting
Soft drinks
Transport during the hunt
Transport from/to airport
Trophy handling and delivering to taxidermy

Flat shooting calibers (.270 - 7mm - .300)
Flat shooting calibers (.270 - 7mm - .300)
Large calibers (.300 - .338 - 9.3x62)
Large calibers (.300 - .338 - 9.3x62)
Medium calibers (6.5x55 - .270 - .308 - 30.06)
Medium calibers (6.5x55 - .270 - .308 - 30.06)

Hilly terrain
Hilly terrain

+30 to +50°F / 0 to +10°C
+50 to +70°F / +10 to +20°C
+70 to +85°F / +20 to +30°C

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4x4 driving
4x4 driving

About this hunt:
- Private land hunting.
- Exclusive access.
- No other hunters.
- Little hunting pressure
- No helicopters.
- Rental of weapon is included.

(All on private land.)
- Chamois
- Fallow Buck
- Ram
- Goat
- Wallaby
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