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A report of a driven hunt for boar in Sweden

The Norwegian elkhound, Buck, is released and this will prove to be the first time he succeeds in getting a boar out in the open to be shot. It’s not long after the dog’s owner, Magnus Karlson has released the Norwegian elkhound before it latches onto the scent of the boars.

I’m sitting in hunting tower number 48 and am only able to follow what’s going on over the radio. As I’m unfamiliar with the area, I find it difficult to put myself in the situation, and have no idea, which way the dog is chasing the boars. Soon, however, I hear barking in the area to the right in front of me – between Nicolaj Kanstrup-Clausen and myself.

It gets quiet – the pigs are moving. I see the dog before I see the boars that apparently are passing me, too far into the birches, for me to be able to see them. I do see the dog’s fluorescent vest and prepare to shoot, in case the boars turn around and come back this way…. which they don’t.

I hear, over the radio that the dog has passed the road down by my neighbour’s post on my left and back out. A few minutes later and I am exploring the terrain to the right of me and as I turn my head back to check the track right in front of me, I see a big pig for a short second, and then it runs over the track to my left.

Well sh**…! Anyone who goes hunting knows the feeling of being cheated by wild animals, which show up all of a sudden and then run off before you get a chance to shoot them – even me! However, I prepare myself to shoot down the track in front of me again. I am betting on the boar passing here. It doesn’t.

On the other hand, another smaller pig comes out from the left, turns around and runs away from me. The boar – which weighs around 25 kilos – is far away. Shooting free standing, while the animal is in motion is not an option, especially not from this angle. I fix my gun on the railing of the tower and just as I think the chance is lost, the boar turns around and stands still with his side towards me – leaving me with an easy target and a fixed rest.

In principle, I could leave it with this last sentence and, by that, insinuate that the result of my shot was better than it actually was. One should never be too proud to admit that you miss every once in awhile – but let me quickly jump to what happened next. The first little pig fled, when another little pig came on the same track. I didn’t have time to shoot before it ran off in the same direction as the first one and a second later Buck came in on the same track.

For the next hour I hear through the radio that there is something happening constantly. Once again I hear barking in front of Nicolaj, and as the boar flees, I hear the following on the radio:

Nicolaj: “The boar is running in the direction of the dog owner – get ready!”

And then I hear a shot. It is loud and clear and there is also a ricochet.

“What a shot!” yells dog-owner Karlson on the radio, with a tone of voice that is witness to his direct hit.

A little while later a local man comes walking by my post, greets me and then continues walking down the road to the right. When he is 50 metres further up the road he shouts at me and points to the woods. I see a pig coming my way – a little pig that weighs about 25 kg. It’s walking 20 metres to the right of me, but isn’t very fast and takes about 4 seconds to pass the road – here is my chance.

And why don’t I shoot? I don’t shoot because the forest is too close on both sides of the road, and in the middle of the road on the other side of the boar stands a Swede… Is it so hard to believe, we care this much about our foreign neighbours? J

Shortly after, on the other side of the road, Ronny Ivarsson shoots a boar, and then this part of the hunt is over.  Shortly after, we eat lunch and Magnus Karlson tells us that the boar he shot was the first one he shot together with his young Norwegian elkhound, Buck. Additionally, he shot the pig with a direct hit, while the wild boar was running about 80 metres away to try and find shelter in the forest.

It is no wonder that on the radio he expressed his satisfaction with the shot that sent the pig straight to the ground. I have to hand it to Karlson, his shot was amazing – especially when I think about the close shot I had, which I missed.

In the second last round, several of the hunters see moose, but they are not allowed to shoot them on this hunt. Nicolaj kills two pigs on the run with two well-aimed shots, where as I get the chance at three 100-kilo boar, but only have time to shoot one of them.

It was a very nice day in the Swedish forest, with a talented Swedish dog-owner and an enthusiastic Norwegian elkhound that today got its first boar on this day… It’s no wonder we care so much about our foreign neighbours up north!

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