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hunting in South Africa

South Africa is the worlds hunting destination number 1! If you are looking for amazing trophies of plains game, antelopes or even dangerous big game or the Big Five – South Africa is where to go. It simply has it all for any hunter, with any budget!

  • South Africa is the most popular hunting destination in the world
  • You can see more than 20 different game species in one day
  • The 9 regions all have their own characteristic terrain

South Africa is without a doubt the most popular hunting destination in the world, and for this reason: South Africa offers amazing hunting!

Hunting in South Africa is unique, because in just one day you can experience more than 20 different huntable game species. The diversity of the game is overwhelming, as is the sheer number. It can be hard to believe if you have not seen it!

Most hunters associate hunting in South Africa with plains game and the Big Five, but hunting in South Africa also offers some of the world’s best wingshooting, especially for doves and geese.

Waking up in South Africa to the distinctive scent of savanna and bush, and being able to hunt incredible game species in the most amazing surroundings is something everyone needs to experience! You can go hunting in South Africa for your whole life without ever experiencing it all. The country is huge and offers a lot of exciting huntable game species.

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South African nature is hugely varied and consists of much more than just large open savannas with red sand as far as the eye reaches. If you are hunting along the south coast of the Eastern Cape, you will experience lush and colorful hilly terrain during a certain season. If you hunt in the Limpopo province in the north, you will primarily find the classic open savanna with red sand. More centrally, you will find the Free State province which is characterized by large desert areas that turn into small mountains. South Africa offers a lot, and all biotopes have their own game species and different ways in which the hunting is done. You can ask the outfitters for advice on what season they would recommend for hunting a specific species.

South Africa is characterized by both ancient tribes and the colonial period in terms of culture, tradition and cooking. In the kitchen, you will find dishes that have inherited a little from the traditional South African cuisine, but also a little from the Dutch colonists and most recently the English. You will find that many people have several languages as their native language and that they mix them with local dialects. When hunting in South Africa you will be greeted by very friendly and polite people who are very hospitable. It would be obvious to combine a hunting safari in South Africa with a family holiday as South Africa offers a lot of possibilities for both hunters and non-hunters!