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hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand is an absolute paradise for adventurous hunters from all over the world. The hunted game species of New Zealand are many and nature is overwhelming in beauty and size! Go to New Zealand once, and you'll be aching to get back there for more. Whether you dream of bush hunting for rutting Red…

New Zealand is an absolute paradise for adventurous hunters from all over the world. The hunted game species of New Zealand are many and nature is overwhelming in beauty and size! Go to New Zealand once, and you’ll be aching to get back there for more. Whether you dream of bush hunting for rutting Red stag, mountain hunting for Tahr and Chamois or estate hunting world record Fallow and Red stag – New Zealand is your sure provider!

The land of Himalayan Tahr and Chamois!

Name a piece of game that you’d like to hunt, and you can be 99.99 % certain that somewhere in New Zealand you can find it! From the beach to alps in 2 hours – Experience this amazing hunters paradise!

Some of the most challenging hunts in New Zealand is the hunt for a big bull Tahr. They never seem to be easy to hunt, and this might be the reason why they have grown to be a monster! Most New Zealand hunters chase tahr every year in the rut, some of the hunters go to such an extent that they will only shoot a bigger tahr than what they’ve shot previously. This helps the population of Himalayan bull Tahr to grow bigger and stronger.

New Zealand jagtrejse destination hunting trip destination


  • Many hunters book a professional outfitter to gain local knowledge and to ensure a successful hunt
  • The hunting in both public- and private land is world class
  • Mountain hunting for goats, tahr and chamois is very popular

Hunting on private land can be organized since many outfitters own and manage their own hunting grounds. However, something that makes New Zealand unique, is the large hunting areas owned by the state, called DOC land (Department of Conservation). All it takes to hunt these gigantic grounds is a weapon- and hunting license which is both easy and cheap to obtain. The hunt on DOC land is hereafter free, and there are no trophy fees. However, the hunting is not easy!

Consult the outfitters to avoid unnecessary struggles

Increasingly, hunters choose to book a professional outfitter for the first couple of hunting days to learn about the animals and the ways to successfully hunt them. This is highly recommendable! We have many skilled outfitters in New Zealand, and you can always contact them to organize and help with your hunting adventure. Many hunters on their own have endured unnecessary struggle for several weeks, and here the local outfitters and guides can make a real difference!

An abundance of trophy game animal

Whether private land or public DOC land, New Zealand offers amazing hunts for world record sized red stags, sika deer, fallow deer, Himalayan tahr, chamois and wild boar. You can also find exotic deer species like elk, whitetail, rusa deer, sambar deer and different feral goats. And look to the estates to shoot Arapawa ram, long-horned goats or turkeys!

Hunting the great New Zealand is something any hunter should try at least once!

To many visitors of New Zealand, the ultimate hunting is to be found in the no man’s land high up the steep slopes, where the tahr and chamois rule. Out here you can stay in your own tent or use the many DOC cabins that are built for travellers’ free disposal. Here you eat what you shoot, and really live off the land to decrease the weight of your rucksack as much as possible.

Most of the outfitters offer both the free and wild public land experience as well as hunting private land with cosy accommodation in hunting lodges and modern cabins.

New Zealand jagtrejse destination hunting trip destination

Many hunters go to New Zealand exclusively to explore the great nature; the high mountains and the jungle-like forests. New Zealand has an abundance of National Parks and one of the most famous is the Tongariro National Park where you find one of the most famous 1-day hiking trips, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Worth a visit for anyone fond of the wild. Much nature in the park and in New Zealand, in general, is almost fairytale-like with dense forests, wild rivers and creeks, and snowy mountains.

Or visit Mt. Cook, also known as Aoraki, which is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, the highest peak at 3724 m or 12.217 ft! An absolute astonishing sight, with glaciers that feed the great river leading to Lake Pukaki!

There are a lot of options to hike into the wild and be all alone with nature while hunting.

New Zealand jagtrejse destination hunting trip destination

Maybe after a long week of hunting, you’d like to kick back and enjoy some of the things New Zealand has to offer. If you happen to visit New Zealand at the right time of the year, you should absolutely try and taste a whitebait pattie, it’s considered one of the best kiwi dishes! Or if you’re there in the winter time one should visit Hamner Springs or any other of the hot spring in New Zealand.

A long time ago, before James Cook discovered New Zealand, the great Maori tribes were ruling the islands. The Maori tribes today are a part of modern society, they have been granted land by the government where they still rule. If you enjoy nature and traditions, you’ve come to the right place, the Maori have it all, tattooed faces, jade/greenstone jewellery, spirits and gods you wouldn’t have heard of elsewhere!

The New Zealanders, also called Kiwis, is a welcoming and open-minded people. They welcome every foreigner with open arms, but do watch out for their, at times, strange language, they’ll ask “Would you like Tea” and they’re actually asking if you’d like dinner.

The Department of Conservation, DOC

If you are travelling to NZ to hunt, you will run into DOC many times. Not physically, but in terms that you’ll have to sign-off on their website to gain permission to hunt certain areas. You will get the permission instantly, but they use it to monitor where there are the most hunters. When entering some of these areas you will most certainly see a sign, either saying “1080 in the area” or “pest-control operating”. Without being too political, 1080 is an aerial dropped baited poison engineered to eradicate possums among other rodents. Before entering such an environment, make sure to ask the locals. The pest-control sign is, on the other hand, a good sign, it tells you, with the meaning of pest-control, that you’ll hear beautiful bird song and see a lot of wildlife!

Ask the outfitter for further questions.