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We are looking for serious outfitters – is that you?

Dear outfitter,
I got a question for you.

  • Is a steady flow of incoming inquiries essential for you to obtain a fully booked calendar?
  • Do you ever struggle finding the time to maintain your social media presence, send newsletters, update your website etc?
  • Do you find it important for your business to reach hunters globally or in a specific market?
  • Are you tired of using two – three months of the year at hunting shows?

If you answer “yes” to just one of the above questions you should definitely read the full page below carefully. This ought to have your specific interest.

Talk to you soon.

Frederik Bülow
CEO at Rainsford Hunting

I will now hand over the mic to my colleague Christian who will introduce you to our concept. Enjoy!


A message to all outfitters – click play.


160.000 hunters

More than 160,000 potential clients are waiting for you!


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No commission charged. Yes, you read that right!

Rainsford Hunting doesn’t work like a traditional hunting agency. That’s because we are none. We want to get you as many clients as possible, so we are willing to give our commission to the hunters as a discount, leaving them more willing to book your hunt!

For us to promote your offers they should be reduced with an amount similar to the commission, or by added hunting days and/or trophies. This leaves you with the same profit per client, but with a lot more clients! That is what we call a win/win for both you and hunters worldwide.


If the regular listed price of your hunt is $1,000 and your usual commission paid to your agent is 15 % you get $ 850. But in the case of Rainsford Hunting the commission is given to the hunter as a discount, lowering the listed price to $ 850 and enticing more hunters to book.

Rainsford Hunting is about one thing! – Connecting hunters and outfitters directly with no costly intermediaries.

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Professional outfitter in Ireland

Norman Mulvany, owner of Irish Safaris

" I joined Rainsford Hunting 6 months ago and have already received 15 bookings from clients all over the world without paying any commission or do any work for it.

If you want more clients and are tired of paying commission - then Rainsford Hunting is the place to promote your hunts. "

Rainsford Hunting testemonial by Norman Mulvani from Irish Safaris
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Professional outfitter in Bulgaria

Denice Nenkova, Kridera Hunting Bulgaria

" Signing up and getting our hunting offers online was easy, and with good assistance from the Rainsford team.

We have sold several hunts through the Rainsford website at a minimum cost and minimum effort. They do a good job in promoting our hunts and we like that we get to match expectations with the hunters, directly. "

Outfitter testemonial
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Professional outfitter in Argentina

Sandro Penso, owner of Argentina Dreams

" I joined Rainsford Hunting to improve the digital promotion of my hunting in Argentina, and within the first months I already got the first bookings from Rainsford hunters.
It was easy getting started, and it didn’t cost any commission. "

Outfitter testemonial Sandro
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Professional outfitter in South Africa

HP Oosthuizen, owner of Mbuyu Safaris

" Rainsford Hunting is a professional service team to be recon with in the future of international hunting. Within 3 months I got the first client booking from Rainsford Hunting.

As I am not strong in Facebook or Instagram, I like that they promote my business on these channels, and I only have to deal with the inquiries and bookings and updating my packages. "

Outfitter testemonial
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It’s 100 % risk free to join Rainsford Hunting!


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 Join Rainsford Hunting, it only takes a few minutes, and then we can promote you and your hunts to hunters worldwide. We only need some few informations from you, and then you can get as many hunts promoted as you like!

Our statistics show: More hunts = More promotion = More Attention = More clients

Click “Apply to become an outfitter” now to get started.

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Got a question? We’d love to hear from you!

We are available to help you get started promoting your offers to the thousands of hunters worldwide we target in our marketing every day.