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About Rainsford Hunting

The concept

Rainsford Hunting is made by hunters for hunters, which means your wishes and needs as a hunter are the foundation of what we represent.

We have one mission only: to serve you the widest selection of exciting hunts from all over the world from the best and most professional local outfitters out there.  Furthermore, we give you an easy way to contact them directly – without costly intermediaries!

Read more about the concept of direct outfitter contact on the Rainsford Hunting hunting trip portal here.

The story

The idea behind Rainsford Hunting came as a matter of course after the founder Frederik Bülow spent more than 10 years traveling around the world with his bow and rifle, without ever using a hunting agency. By using his network and countless hours on the internet he always succeeded in finding the right outfitter to match his expectations, and at the same time save a great deal of money.

With an educational background within digital marketing and strategy, plus six years of experience starting and operating three different web-based companies, Frederik couldn’t resist making his dream come true by creating a hunting trip portal where hunters worldwide can find a wide selection of their dream hunts and easily get in direct contact with the local outfitters.

Rainsford Hunting was created and has been an instant success due to the many hunters out there with the same beliefs as Frederik, that the best starting point for a hunting trip, is to get in dialogue and match expectations with the one person who can answer your questions best, the outfitter or guide himself. Besides that, there is LOTS of money to be saved by booking directly when there are no costly intermediaries.

As Frederik often claims ” the most important hunt is the one where you find the right outfitter to fulfill your dreams and expectations”.

Meet the team

We are a team of passionate hunters who are always longing for the next big adventure with rifle, shotgun or bow. We have traveled to more than 30 countries and have hunted over 100 species, so we have a good idea of what it takes to arrange a hunting trip anywhere in the world.

All of us agree there is no need for a hunting agency to make hunting dreams come true. We haven’t used hunting agents in a decade, and we never experience anything unexpected because we match expectations with the local outfitter, which is one of the many advantages of booking directly.

Prior to becoming passionate hunters, all of us had a background in the hunting industry, in marketing, communications or developing digital concepts. We are confident that we are the right team to give you the absolute best experience when it comes to finding and booking a hunting trip online.

Karsten Frost Mathiesen

Karsten Frost Mathiesen, Partner

“I’m always looking for the next hunting adventure”

I feel very fortunate to be able to work with my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than talking to hunters who have had a successful hunting trip booked through Rainsford Hunting. I have booked countless hunting trips myself directly with the local outfitter and I can’t see why I should ever use a booking agent again.

Morten Mathiesen

Morten Mathiesen, Partner

“Hunting abroad is what I live for”

My brother Karsten, who is also a part of Rainsford Hunting, and I have been passionate hunters ever since we were old enough to get our hunting license. For the last ten years we have travelled the world with rifle and shotgun, and have got some amazing experience we really want others to experience. That is why I have joined the Rainsford Hunting team, so I can be a part of to the world’s best provider and facilitator of top outfitters from more than 55 destinations.

Frederik Bülow

Frederik Bülow, CEO & Partner

“Hunting is not a hobby, but a way of living!

Hunting is an essential part of my life, and I have always strived towards making hunting a part of my everyday. In my early years as a hunter I was very adventurous, which led to quite a few hunting adventurous in countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Scotland with my rifle or bow. I’m still very adventurous and to this day, I can’t imagine going traveling without hunting being the main purpose.

As a hunter, it is very valuable to have a large network of fellow hunters in order to have contact with a lot of exciting hunting. The same goes for hunting trips, where good direct contact to an outfitter can open many doors and save you a lot of money. In my hunting career, I have only used hunting agencies a few times. I have always sought out local outfitters around the world and contacted them directly – even though I had to do the legwork myself. With Rainsford Hunting we have done the legwork for you, which means you can easily contact outfitters around the world directly, without any costly intermediaries.