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About Rainsford Hunting

Rainsford Hunting is made by hunters for hunters, which means your wishes and needs as a hunter are the foundation of Rainsford Hunting.

We have a one mission only: to serve you the widest selection of exciting hunts from all over the world from the best and most professional local outfitters you may contact directly – without costly intermediaries!

Read more about the concept of direct outfitter contact on the Rainsford Hunting hunting trip portal here.


Meet the team

We are a team of very passionate hunters who are always longing for the next big hunting adventure with rifle, shotgun or bow. We have travelled to more than 30 countries and have hunted over 100 species, so we have a good idea of what it takes to arrange a hunting trip anywhere in the world.

All of us agree there is no need for a hunting agency to make hunting dreams come true. We haven’t used hunting agents in a decade, and we never experience anything unexpected because we match expectations with the local outfitter, which is one of the many advantages of booking directly.

Prior to becoming passionate hunters, all of us had a background in the hunting industry, in marketing, communications or developing digital concepts. We are confident that we are the right team to give you the absolute best experience when it comes to finding and booking a hunting trip online.

Carsten Haagensen

Carsten Haagensen, Founder & Partner

“I started Rainsford Hunting to show you all the benefits of searching for greener pastures without relying on a hunting travel agency.”

Ever since I worked as a beater on a country estate at the age of 16, I have been on a host of unique hunting adventures. I have bagged Carpathian red stags in Romania, challenged the buffaloes’ keen sense of smell in Zimbabwe and shot a polar bear after 33 days of putting my patience to the test in the rugged landscape of Canada. I see a hunting trophy as the expression of a memory. When I look at my polar bear, I can tell you exactly what the weather was like on the day I shot the animal, and how far away from the animal I was. I am sure you feel the same about your trophies… What I want is for Rainsford Hunting to help you achieve an abundance of lifelong memories, I am quite sure that you have many great hunting experiences ahead of you.

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The story

The idea behind Rainsford Hunting came as the result of a polar bear hunt in Canada by globetrotter Carsten Haagensen, the founder of Rainsford Hunting. After years of preparation he booked the hunt at a hunting agency and the expectations were high. So was the price, by the way.

Unfortunately, Carsten didn’t get his polar bear on this trip and didn’t even see any polar bears. In fact a lot of things didn’t go according to plan and he quickly realized why.

First of all, he found out that the European agent had contacted a US hunting agency, who contacted a Canadian hunting agency, who contacted the outfitter. With so many intermediaries, Carsten’s requests for the trip never reached the local outfitter, making the matching of expectations impossible. Secondly, the three hunting agencies involved only made the trip more expensive without adding any value to the hunt itself. Thirdly, prior to departure, Carsten was misinformed by his European agent about what gear to bring, and had to replace almost everything when he arrived.

In the end the hunting trip didn’t match Carsten’s hopes and expectations.

Carsten concluded that booking directly with a local Canadian outfitter would save him a lot of trouble. The following year Carsten spend some time on the internet and finally found the right outfitter. Carsten and the outfitter had a great dialogue before the hunt was executed, matching their expectations perfectly, which resulted in the hunting trip Carsten had dreamed of.

The idea of Rainsford Hunting was brought to life. Rainsford Hunting was started with the sole mission of helping hunters worldwide get in direct contact with local outfitters. By offering the widest selection of hunts in the world and making it easy for hunters to navigate and contact the outfitter, we hope that no hunters will ever experience what Carsten did.