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We are looking for serious outfitters – is that you?

Want to be present with your offers when
travel-hungry hunters search out their next hunting
adventure containing the exact trophies you offer?

Is a steady flow of incoming leads essential
for you to obtain a fully booked calendar?

Do you ever struggle finding the time to update
your website and promote your hunt offers?

Do you find it important for you business
to reach hunters from countries far away?


More than 140,000 potential clients are waiting for you!


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It’s 100 % risk free to join Rainsford Hunting!


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No commission charged. Yes, you read that right!

Rainsford Hunting doesn’t work like a traditional hunting agency. That’s because we are none. We want to get you as many clients as possible, so we are willing to give our commission to the hunters as a discount, leaving them more willing to book your hunt!

For us to promote your offers they should be reduced with an amount similar to the commission, or by added hunting days and/or trophies. This leaves you with the same profit per client, but with a lot more clients! That is what we call a win/win for both you and hunters worldwide.


If the regular listed price of your hunt is $1,000 and your usual commission paid to your agent is 15 % you get $ 850. But in the case of Rainsford Hunting the commission is given to the hunter as a discount, lowering the listed price to $ 850 and enticing more hunters to book.

Rainsford Hunting is about one thing! – Connecting hunters and outfitters directly with no costly intermediaries.

 Join Rainsford Hunting, it only takes a few minutes, and then we can promote you and your hunts to hunters worldwide. We only need some few informations from you, and then you can get as many hunts promoted as you like!

Our statistics show: More hunts = More promotion = More Attention = More clients

Click “Apply to become an outfitter” now to get started.

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Got a question? I’d love to hear from you!

Christian Hedegaard Rainsford Hunting About

I’m available to help you get started promoting your offers to the thousands of hunters worldwide we target in our marketing every day. 

Christian Hedegaard
Head of Relations & Support
E-mail: christian@rainsfordhunting.com
Phone: +45 23 96 10 01